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All equipment provided and used is of Shimano quality.

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Rods & Reels
calcutta Shimano Calcutta 700 for trolling
Shimano Calcutta 400s for casting
Fishingstuff Rods

Reels are spooled up with a variety of lines which include Dacron, Whiplash, and wire line.

130 pd and 200 pd fluro carbon leaders are used for preventitive measures for rolling fish.

Landing Equipment
The landing equipment is a Frabill Big Kahuna net and Protec cradle. Many of the fish are handled by using the Lindy glove to prevent injuries from gill rakers to anglers. Tools are of necessary order with 11 inch long nose pliers, Cobalt bolt cutters, side cutters, and grip pliers.

A wide variety of baits are used from Hi-fin, Lindy, Drifter Tackle, Musky Maina, BK lures and many other baits made for play.

**You may also bring your own equipment if desired. Many anglers have a preference to use their own casting equipment.**