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Taking into consideration the abundance and diversity of fishing, we travel and divert our pressure to a greater expanse of water to provide different experiences along these water ways, but to also allow time for each area to subsist in peace. This approach has led to consistency in capture and trip quality.

The Ottawa River

The Ottawa River stretches 120 miles and offers a variety of livable habitat. Vegetation is diverse, from coontails to cabbage to weed lines of eel grass, and structure is abundant, offering miles of break lines to deep gorges. Water colorations are a spectacle of change from the tannic coloration of tea in the morning to the puddles of mud just like after a flood. Rock croppings with towering majestic Laurentian Mountains in the backdrop are coupled with farm lands in the foreground offering nature’s tranquility in a spectacle of surroundings.

Coloration of fish varies from section to section and many robes exist within specific sections. Barred, clear, robed fish tend to be predominant in the stained water with spotted and bared more common in the clear water. Some unique robes appear from one individual to another. Seasonal coloration varies greatly. With markings in stained water fish being bolder during the summer and faded towards fall cold water periods. Although water clarity may play a role in such robe alterations, it is very interesting to see such variance.

The St. Lawrence

The great big push from the mighty St Lawrence offers a multitude of varying ecosystems along its travels to salt water. The abundance of species is of rich diversity. Its shades of color and structure transition from region to region offering clarities of 24 feet to visibilities of less than three. Coloration varies from gin clear to an oasis of turquoise. Rock structures and shoals with vast weed flats and sand bars adorn the flora of the St Lawrence offering a wide variety of prime habitat and forage. With 240 miles of varying habitat the St Lawrence offers uniqueness in experience.

The St Lawrence provides an even greater variance in robes, from full blown spotted to spotted and barred with some fish having robes with resemblance to jaguar patterns.